Getting Over Bad Shots

Bad shots are a part of the game.  Champions do something well on their next shot.  They rebound.  They bounce back.  Non-champions drag negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions to their next shot, hole and round.  They talk negatively to themselves, blame others for their mistakes, and complain about things that they cannot control.

The next time you hit a shot that you don’t care for try the following:

1.    Watch it all the way; find a specific spot to walk toward
2.    Under-react to it; shrug it off
3.    Do not leave the area from which you hit the shot until you’re over it.  Take a practice swing feeling a better swing then place club back in bag and move on, period.
4.    Get hungry/excited to hit your next one (play smart; bogey can be a great score)

Golf is about many things … honesty, integrity, friendships to name a few but mentally it’s about how you react and recover when the ball doesn’t go where you had intended.