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How to Hit Your Driver Farther

The average driver club head speed for the average 14-handicap male is 94MPH. This happens to be the same MPH that the average LPGA Tour Player swings her driver, however, this LPGA Tour Player hits her drives over 20 yards farther than the average 14-handicap male. In many cases, this is due to the 14-handicap male golfer, as well as golfers with other various handicaps, hitting too DOWN on the golf ball. When a golfer hits too down on the ball with the driver, the launch and spin numbers don’t gel making the golf ball travel shorter than it should given the MPH of club head speed the person is producing.

With this statement, it means many people can hit the ball farther without swinging faster. They just need to learn how to maximize what they’re doing and in the case of this segment, learn to hit more UP with their driver. We utilize a launch monitor at our golf academy but show you in the video below an easy way you can test your “compression” so that you can increase your ball speed and therefore distance on your drives.