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Get INTO Each of Your Shots Part 2

This is a continuation of our A.C.E. Routine.  This is Part 2:

Jack Nicklaus always said that he was very consumed in the particulars of the shot and that doing so always kept his mind off of any negative thoughts.  Sometimes negative thoughts creep in during the last couple of seconds when we’re over the shot.  The second part to our routine – Commit – will help get your mind quiet and your shots more effective.

COMMIT: this is the few seconds just before you hit the shot and where you need to create your own trigger that confirms you’re in a beneficial frame of mind and ready to swing. A Commitment trigger helps fill those vital few seconds and assists with keeping the demons out of your thoughts. A Commitment trigger keeps things positive and helps you stay focused on what TO DO.

Visual examples:

      • “I see a runway leading from my ball to the target then I swing.”
      • “I see the apex of the shot in the air then I swing.”
      • “I burn a thin red laser line into the green on the trail in which my ball will take to the hole then I roll the putt.”

Verbal examples:

      • Say to yourself “This is perfect!” then swing.
      • Say to yourself “Right at it!” then swing.
      • Say to yourself “I own this!” then swing.


      • “I let out a breath then swing.”
      • “When my feet feel grounded and solid then I swing.”
      • “When I feel connected to the target I swing.”


      • “I look at the target 3 times then swing.”
      • “I count to 4 … ‘1’ is positioning my club behind the ball, ‘2’ is my feet getting set, ‘3’ is when I look at the target, and ‘4’ is my backswing begins.”

Experiment with a commitment trigger when you’re on the range to see what helps you get engrossed and consumed in the process of what you want to do instead of what you don’t want to do.