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Your Hands Will Follow Your Eyes

Your Hands Will Follow Your Eyes

I went to a Porsche World Road Show yesterday to race some Porsches around a race track.  What a great experience!  But one thing that I heard the instructor tell us when going around a curve was to look well ahead of where you are because “your hands will follow your eyes.”

The same is very true in golf as we could all learn to get out of our own way a little better than what we tend to do in this great game.  Whether you’re hitting a full swing shot engaged in your target or rolling a putt to the hole, we should do the same – your body will perform well when you let your eyes “drive” the motion.

Just had the fortunate experience of doing three live segments on The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive as well as a dozen or so taped tips and we talked about that very same thing as it relates to putting.  Take a look at the link below for the segment.