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Justin Thomas’ 2017 Scoring Chart

Justin Thomas had an outstanding 2017. Five wins including the PGA Championship, member of the victorious President’s Cup Team, FedEx Cup champ and winner of Player of the Year honors. Pretty good right!? Yes indeed but the items listed above probably aren’t news to you. They are things you remembered. What you may not recall however is that he missed six cuts in 2017 including three in a row. Miss three cuts in a row in 2018 and I’m sure the media will be all over you Justin! What you also may not know and what golfers (adults and juniors) and parents of juniors should know is what a full year of scores looks like. How consistent are PGA Tour pros? In the chart below you will see all of the scores Justin Thomas shot and what that looks like in the big picture of a full season. His average score is listed as well as his median. As with all of us, he has a 50 percent chance of shooting his median score or higher and a 50 percent chance of shooting his median score or lower. There is a large difference between his highest score and lowest score that being 21 strokes. This difference is not due to some crazy high score because those are normal every year by most every player but because he shot an extremely low score … a 59. If you take the 59 out of the mix there’s still 17 strokes between his lowest and highest score and let me tell you that is NORMAL. Unfortunately we are playing an inconsistent game. We’re just trying to lower our scoring average and be less inconsistent. Hopefully realizing what the best players do will give you some freedom as a player to not beat yourself up for a tough day on the course.