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There are seventy-four unique and effective golf training games & drills plus we are always adding more. Games consist of putting, chipping, pitching, up-and-down, bunker, irons/hybrids and driver games. There are games to increase your greens in regulation and games to help increase the number of fairways hit. The benefits of these games and drills are geared toward helping you take your game to the course.

Track ◦ Archive ◦ Measure

Many of the games allow you to input your scores into the database. Our system then tracks your scores and archives them displaying them by date and the name of the game through data and graphs. You then measure your progress and watch yourself succeed more in practice and see your game excel on the course and in tournament play.

Group Accounts

As a teacher, coach, golf academy or private golf club you can create a group account. Your students, players or members take part in our unique practice site when you simply choose the number of participants you’d like on your account. Your group will have its own Private Leaderboard creating a fun and competitive environment. Your Private Leaderboard will flaunt the logo of your organization, giving your participants pride in being a member of your program.      


Leaderboards are a way to display the scores of those who have played each game. The leaderboards can be filtered by age, gender, type of player, and handicap range plus each game’s leaderboard can be displayed by Lifetime Average Score, Recent Average Score (which is an average of the most recent three entries for that game) or by Best Score. Your ranking will be displayed on your own private account page and those who are in a Group Account will have their own private leaderboards with the same functionality but only display the scores of those who are part of their group (ie: golf academy, golf team, private golf club).

Realistic Practice

Coaching the game of golf is starting to evolve and include this important segment of practice called Transfer Practice. This is simply practice that more effectively readies you for the course and tournament play. It is more fun and helps improve your playing skills in a fashion that traditional practice doesn’t. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, infusing the games within this site into your practice is the missing step to helping you play better golf and is something you should do within every one of your practice sessions.

Bring Your Game to the Course
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Individual Plan

The individual plan is directed at those golfers who simply want to join and reap the benefits that has to offer. Gain access to each and every game that we offer plus the additional games that we’ll continue to add. After joining and experiencing our practice games you will get in your car to drive home after a practice session and finally feel that you did something great for your game.

Group Plan

Group Plans are simply those who have five or more people. If you are a teacher or part of a golf academy, a golf coach at a university or high school, or a general manager or golf professional at a private golf club this plan is developed for you and your students/players/members. Simply choose how many participants you would like to sign up and get started. You can always easily add more players during your membership if needed.

It’s a Game Changer invites you to join now and experience practices that are meaningful, purposeful and effective. Stop the mindless practice sessions and start unlocking your game and your potential!


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