Take Your Game to the Course

Tired of not being able to take your game from the range to the course? Watch the video to see all of the benefits membership to golfscrimmages.com will give you. With currently two dozen games and more added often, you can improve your practice sessions to make them more meaningful and purposeful. Golfscrimmages.com is a collection of competitive practice games proven to help players feel the on-course elements like pressure, score, consequences, emotions, mental challenges, and more so that you can be better prepared for the course and tournament play. Enter your scores, see how you rank on leaderboards and watch your personal progress in each area of your game. We also have additional resources and a blog from which you will certainly benefit. Shift away from practice sessions that are overly focused on mechanics and swing thoughts and toward practice that will help you to play better on the course.

Easily Enter Your Scores & View Rankings

Use your smartphone or tablet directly on the practice facility to read the directions to a particular game or watch the video description. You can easily enter your scores immediately upon completing each game, view your rankings on the leaderboards and track your improvement.


Leaderboard Filtering

All Leaderboards can be filtered by age, gender, type of golfer (junior, adult amateur, college player, professional), handicap and locale. This allows you to see how you compare to others in your age group or compare your scores to college players to see how you measure up. Compete against a friend if you’d like regardless of where you both live.

Individual Stats Archiving

All of the scores that you enter are archived. This allows you to see long-term progress and productive tracking of your game. The archives will show strengths and weaknesses so you can work on those areas that will give you the most benefit helping you to efficiently direct your practice time.



As the member of a Group (teacher, golf academy, golf team, or private golf club) you will have the benefit of having a private Leaderboard donning the logo of your golf academy, team or private club. You can compete against each other while teachers/coaches find the value in creating a competitive practice environment.


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